Building Access

Marquette seal in Raynor library.

Your card gets you into all the right places. Registered students and current employees receive access by default to several areas across campus, including:


  • Raynor Memorial Libraries
  • Cudahy Hall front door (Wisconsin Avenue)

Library Turnstiles

  • Raynor Memorial Libraries
  • Law Library

Computer Labs

  • Residence Life Computer Labs (Residence Hall Students Only)

Recreational Facilities
You must present your MarquetteCard at the check-in desk in order to access the Rec Center or Rec Plex facilities. Students receive a membership at no charge during each semester they are enrolled. Employees may purchase a membership by visiting either location.

Any employee taking enough credits to be considered a full-time student is eligible for a free membership for that semester. Each semester the employee/student must bring proof of registration from the Office of the Registrar to the Rec Center for verification and approval.

Residence Halls
Access is based upon the hall you reside in each semester.

Other Areas
All access privileges are assigned based on current enrollment or employment. Additional access to reader-controlled areas may be requested from departments or colleges where the readers are located or by Marquette University Police Department. If you are unable to access a door reserved for a class, check with the instructor or the department.

If you are having trouble accessing other locations, try contacting the responsible department directly BEFORE contacting MUPD. Marquette University reserves the right to suspend or revoke privileges at any time without prior notice.